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Seashell Scotland

Orchids for Aphrodite


Ursula Haselden, the Author

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Two live-aboards, Ursula who had never been on a boat before, and Bob an experienced sailor, together restore a classic wooden yacht to explore the Aegean world, probing the coasts, islands and anchorages of Greece and Turkey only accessible by small boat. Soon they are joined by a kitten fished from the waves. As he matures into their indomitable Ship’s Cat, he adds a great dollop of humour, almost stealing the show.




Sailing in the Aegean

Exploring Greek Islands

First sighted as a forlorn, snow-covered hull on a lop-sided cradle, the venerable Cappelle provides three years of Aegean adventure on the cusp of the new millennium and the explosion of tourism. The crew make “KEEP LIFE SIMPLE” their watchword.

Frequently suffering from sleep and fresh water deprivation, they learn the art of feast and famine as they set out at dawn, occasionally encountering hostile seas, for a fresh horizon. They endear themselves to the natives and find themselves embraced as foreign outcasts, for nobody with two pennies to rub together would live aboard winter and summer in these waters. But this is the way to explore the fascinating world of the Aegean. This delightful account of the real Greece and Turkey will not fail to enthral.



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